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Store, manage and stake crypto to earn passive income in one safe place.

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Store, stake and manage crypto across multiple blockchains in one interface

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Manage Portfolio

Manage all your favorite assets in one secure interface.

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Stake to earn

Get rewards on staking your cryptocurrencies with 5-8% APY


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Multi-Account Support

Create multiple accounts seamlessly for better management of your funds

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Hardware wallet support for full non-custodial control of your assets

Pair your Ledger or Trezor

More features coming soon

Initial Release

  • CARDANO blockchain support
  • SOLANA blockchain support
  • Cardano NFT Gallery
  • Basic Staking Dashboard
  • Basic Transaction Dashboard

Q1, 2022

  • FLOW blockchain support
  • In-app crypto purchases (card/bank transfer)
  • Exchange integration (Changelly)
  • Cardano decentralized exchange integration
  • Export wallet transaction history
  • Privacy mode

Q2, 2022

  • NEAR blockchain support
  • New PoS blockchain support
  • Comprehensive Staking Dashboard
  • ETH blockchain support
  • BTC blockchain support
  • Solana NFT gallery

Q3 - Q4, 2022

  • Support for 3 new PoS blockchains
  • Mobile version
  • More...

We support top-rank PoS blockchains

Cardano4-5% APY
Solana6.5-7.5% APY
Flow7-8% APYComing in Q1, 2022
Near10% APYComing in Q2, 2022

Native token, NFT support

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More protocols coming soon

Start managing your crypto wealth for passive income