Your cross-chain Web3 wallet
for staking, NFTs and DeFi.

  • Non-custodial
  • Supports Cardano, Flow and Solana
  • Buy and trade crypto
  • Staking dashboard
  • NFT gallery

A platform to safely store, stake, and trade cryptocurrencies:

Pie chart

Multichain Portfolio

Manage assets on multiple blockchains side by side.

Piggy Bank

Stake to Earn

Stake assets, earn interest. Learn more about staking here.

NFT image

NFT Gallery

Visually manage and send your NFTs in bulk.


Cross-chain Trading

Trade 100s of cryptocurrencies with the integrated exchange.


Decentralized Exchange

Swap tokens on the Cardano blockchain with the in-app DEX.

Migration Image

Effortless Migration

Import your existing crypto wallet in under 30 seconds. Learn more here.

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Buy and Sell Crypto

Buy crypto using credit card and bank transfer. Sell crypto and deposit fiat into your bank.


dApp Connector

Connect to decentralized apps like marketplaces, DEXes and more with our browser extension.

Our non-custodial guarantee

Complete control and full ownership of your digital assets, with no middleman, no restrictions and total privacy.

Hardware wallet compatible

Connect your Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet for unbeatable security.

Connect your device
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Launch & Q1 2022

  • Cardano blockchain support
  • Cardano NFT gallery
  • Solana blockchain support
  • Staking dashboard
  • In-app cross-chain trading
  • Hardware-wallet-only mode
  • Export wallet history (Cardano)

Q2, 2022

  • Flow blockchain support
  • Flow staking
  • Flow NFT gallery
  • Cardano DEX integration
  • Solana NFT gallery
  • Cardano dApp connector
  • Export wallet history (Solana)
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies

Q3, 2022

  • Solana dApp connector
  • Flow dApp connector
  • Privacy mode
  • Profile sync across devices
  • ADA Handle integration
  • Improved assets dashboard
  • Improved NFT gallery design

Q4, 2022

  • Ethereum blockchain integration
  • Ethereum dApp connector
  • Ethereum staking
  • Ethereum NFT gallery
  • Milkomeda blockchain integration
  • Two other EVM chains integration
  • Catalyst 2.0 implementation
  • Improved browser extension UI

Q1, 2023

  • More naming services
  • Improved wallet dashboard
  • Integration of additional sidechains of supported blockchains
  • Option to add any arbitrary EVM blockchain

Q2, 2023

  • Governance token
  • More PoS blockchains

Supported Blockchains and Staking Information

What is staking?
Cardano3.5-4.5% APY
Solana6-7% APY
Flow8-9% APY

NuFi supports all cryptocurrencies and NFTs that use these blockchains.

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NuFi supports all cryptocurrencies and NFTs that use these blockchains.

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Non-custodial means that you alone control your wallet’s private keys, giving you (and only you) unconditional ownership and control of your assets at all times. With a non-custodial wallet like NuFi, there’s no middleman who could restrict access to your wallet or the crypto stored in it.

Yes! Your crypto can be unstaked and transferred at any time. When you stake your crypto, your funds never leave your wallet and you don’t transfer ownership of your crypto to anyone.

Some blockchains (such as Solana) impose a short ‘cooldown’ period after unstaking, meaning you may need to wait a couple of days for the blockchain to close your staking account and make your funds available to transfer. Other blockchains (such as Cardano) don’t lock funds while they’re staked, meaning you can transfer funds out of your wallet at any time without needing to unstake them first.

Yes! If you already have a Cardano wallet (e.g. AdaLite, Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami, Gero, CCVault) or a Solana wallet (e.g. Phantom, Solflare, Sollet), you can use your existing mnemonic/seed phrase to migrate your wallet to NuFi. When you do that, you’ll see that your wallet’s address, balance, transaction history and staking setup are exactly the same, with no further action needed.

Because NuFi supports multiple Proof-of-Stake blockchains (unlike the wallets mentioned above), you’ll be able to add new accounts after you migrate and start managing assets on various blockchains side by side.

Yes! Your NuFi wallet lets you securely store, manage and bulk-send multiple NFTs on all supported blockchains. What’s more, NuFi’s in-app NFT gallery brings your collections to life by visually displaying your NFTs side by side.