Cardano Snap

Explore Cardano with Metamask

Discover the Cardano universe directly from your Metamask wallet. Seamlessly store, buy, and manage ADA, Cardano tokens, and NFTs, and access a wide range of DeFi applications, without installing additional wallets.

App screenshot

How it works?

  • Cardano dAppsConnect to Cardano dApps directly with your Metamask
  • Cross-chain swapSwap your tokens from other chains to Cardano
  • Buy ADABuy ADA directly in the Metamask Snap widget
  • Store assetsStore your Cardano tokens and NFTs inside the Metamask wallet


Cardano Snap allows you to interact with Cardano dApps with your Metamask directly. No need to install any other Cardano wallet.
After installing the snap, the Cardano wallet widget will appear in the bottom left corner. This widget will display all your ADA, tokens, NFTs, and available actions. The MetaMask interface will only be used for signing transactions. Additionally, you can visit and connect with MetaMask to access your Cardano wallet.
You don’t need any ETH. However, you will need some ADA.
You can easily buy ADA with a credit card directly in the widget, or you can use our integrated cross-chain exchange.
Yes, you can. The Cardano wallet is derived directly from your Metamask seed phrase. You can easily export your Metamask seed phrase and import it into any other Cardano wallet that supports a 12-word phrase.